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Trailed Sprayer mod BORA
The agricultural Sprayer is a a piece of equipment that spray nozzles to apply fungicides and other things, it sprays the mixture of pesticide in water and directs it on the crop to be treated. In aero-convention sprayers the drops of the compound pulverized by the nozzles, are directed on the crop to be processed through an air flow generated by the group air intake / fan. In a pneumatic nebulizers guarantees nebulization, without there necessarily being of the nozzles. Led Sprayer - (mod. Bora and mod. Nebbia) - it connects to the tractor via three-point hitch and is composed of a tank, which varies from 200 to 600 liters, by a pump group, by an air intake system formed by a fan diameter that varies from 450 to 800 mm. Trailed Sprayer - (mod. Brezza and mod. Bufera) - connects to tractor and tow-hook is made of a structure carriage on which is fixed a tank that varies from 600 to 3000 liters, by a pump unit and an air intake system formed by a fan diameter that varies from 400 to 900 mm. Trailed Sprayer - (mod. BREZZA Turbo) - also called "Turbo-Spayer" with large volume of air is suitable for crops that need a big boost of air, such as nuts, olive groves and high trees. Built with particular design, given the small size suitable for plantations low, the tank is made of polyethylene ecological and repairable with a maintenance tank (circuit-cleaning) with capacity of 10% of the main tank.
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