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Harvesting machine mod. Star 1600/2000 are machines that must be installed on all types of tractors. They are designed to the collection of hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, olives, coffee and all kinds of fruit on the ground. It is suitable for medium and large companies and it is not afraid of moist grasslands and endorsed. Harvesting is done mechanically unlike the normal suction machines through a transverse brush. In this way there is a a significant reduction of fuel consumption (working at low speed about 1200-1300) and emissions of dust in the air. The machines must be installed on three-point hitch of the tractor, both front and rear. They are equipped with hydraulic wheels that allow the adjustment of the ground brush cross. The drive of the same can be given by PTO at 540 rpm/min. or 1000 rev/min., or by a hydraulic system with oil tank, pump and radiator multiplier. Note Well: Brush rows is an accessory that can be applied on all four models of the machines.

Giampi Macchine Agricole is a well-known leading manufacturer of harvester of dried fruit in Italy, providing its customers the best solutions they can use. The machines are characterized by a very remarkable ease of use, and allow to pick up nuts and the other dried fruit even with the harshest conditions, including foliage or tall grass.
The sophisticated and advanced technology is one of the main  peculiarities of the harvester of dried fruit which is provided by the company. The experience in giving the best service to the clients is associated with excellent engineering skills and a wide range of equipment. Machines can be customized and modified in order to meet any individual request, and tailored machines can be designed.
That is why an harvester of dried fruit by Giampi Macchine Agricole is able to ensure the highest standards of quality in a very convenient way since it offers a significant increase in productivity in any season. Who wants to see a better profit is highly recommended to choose these mechanical and technological systems, that allow to pick up fruits even when weather is bad in a professional, rapid and safe way.
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