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 The sale of agricultural machinery is the main business of Giampi Macchine Agricole. The range of products is very wide, and it is intended to meet the different needs of customers. It is formed, for example, by combine harvesters, which are machines that are used in order to harvest dried fruit or grain crops.
Harvesting is realized by associating three different kinds of operations, that is to say reaping, threshing and winnowing, so that a unique process is set up to ensure efficiency and the highest standards of quality. The sale of agricultural machinery by Giampi Macchine Agricole offers harvesters that can treat sorghum, barley and rye, but also sunflowers, oats or wheat. Another type of machine which is provided is the electric cleaner for hazelnuts, that is employed to separate them from the empty shells or the leaves.
The advanced technology is the main characteristics of these solutions. Anyway, the company also offers sorting belts, stone separators, walnut hollers, conveying belts, and fruit pick-up machines, that guarantee quickness and low costs. There are fruit sorting machines, too, that enable workers to separate out leaves and, most of all, separate poor quality fruit and good quality fruit
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Sede Operativa : Loc. Capannelle - Z.Art.le - 01030 Carbognano (VT)
Tel : +39 0761.57.23.84 Fax : +39 0761.61.38.17 - Direttore Vendite :  +39 345.74.19.749
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