Trailed sprayer model BREZZA turbo

The trailed sprayer mod. BREZZA turbo is a large air volume “turbo sprayer” for crops that need a significant boost of air, such as hazelnut, fruit and olive groves.
and tall trees. The special-design tank, which is small enough to be used in low-rise crops, is made of eco-friendly and fixable polyethylene and features a circuit-washing tank with a capacity equal to 10% that of the main tank; the hand-washing unit is built in the main tank, has an external suction filter with anti-emptying valve and double nozzles with brass drop-stop. The fan kit for BREZZA turbo 1000 has an internal diameter of 820 mm; for BREZZA turbo 1500/2000/3000 it is 920 mm. The variable volume aluminum fan, with expanding clutch, the two-speed + neutral gearbox and the double entry fan kit allow obtaining a homogeneous air flow over the fan diameter ensuring an even
processing; the frame is made of hot galvanized bent sheet metal which ensures a long

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