To achieve optimum efficiency of the harvesting is recommended to prepare the ground by specifical mowing on the grass to make during the year and before the fall of the fruit.
The harvesting machines, mechanical types to collect the nuts require a well-prepared soil, and do not guarantee their full functionality in the presence of rocks, stones and sandy soil.

It is advisable to use specific mowers for orchards, hazelnuts and nuts.

The COMPANY GIAMPI will be not be responsible for all the wrong use of its equipment and incorrect soil preparations where you go to work with.
For proper operation of mechanical harvesters is mandatory a PERFECT working ground preparation.

1) All prices are ex-works, excluding VAT and packaging.
2) The prices are subject to change without notice and are not bound until after the order confirmation.
3) The goods are transported at the risk of the customer even if sent carriage free.
4) The delivery terms, while being respected as much as possible is always only indicative and not binding.
No compensation or damages will, however, recognized to the customer.
5) The equipment, tested in the workshop are guaranteed for a period of 6 months after delivery.
In case of improper operation, failure or breakage due to defects in materials or workmanship occurring during this period, the selling company will provide free repair or in our judgment, the replacement of broken parts or not working without being held to any compensation for damages direct or indirect.
We are not responsible for any damage to persons and property caused by improper use of our equipment parts themselves.
The dealers or users cannot claim any compensation from us for any damages that they cause.
All defective parts must be made available to the COMPANY GIAMPI for internal reasons; the possible recognition of the guarantee upon receipt and verification of the piece spoiled, give accreditation law.
They will be charged to the customer transportation and labor costs for the return or replacement of the same.
The warranty parts not built directly: pipes, pumps, distributors, etc … which are covered by the same guarantees of the manufacturers. The same warranty is void if the equipment is subjected to misuse or otherwise different from that indicated by the manufacturer.
6) As for the complaints, returns are not normally allowed except in special cases be agreed from time to time.
Any complaints will be considered if submitted within 8 days of delivery of
goods themselves and do not release the buyer from paying the invoice.
7) The payments are made on time and with the agreed means.
Non-payment authorizes the suspension of deliveries.
I also partial delays of payments are from the commercial interest on the amounts due.
8) For any dispute is exclusively competent the Viterbo or Rome legaly court.
9) Although not expressly stated, they are referred to the rules on sales contained in the current Civil Code.
10) Any price list cancels and replaces the previous ones.

The GIAMPI equipment is always sold ex works Carbognano (VT).
The prices are always excluding transport and insurance costs.
In order to facilitate the work of their dealers, and their specific assignment, the Company is available to prepare the organization of the transport of goods at destination; In this case, however, you must charge the customer the costs. Therefore transportation can be made with a minimum quantity of 2 pieces. The rates of transport costs can be decided according to the kilometric distances and the quantity of pieces to be transported. For smaller quantities there is a surcharge of 15% on the basic rate.
The agreed prices are not valid for urgent shipments.
In these cases, the Company will apply a surcharge of 15% to the urgent transport. In addition to the transport of individual tools; Moreover, you will also make the shipment by carriers that offer these services and the related costs will be invoiced to the recipient.
Since the Company is limited, at the request of the customer, the only organization of transport, it accepts no responsibility for damages, losses or delays that may occur in yields.
The delivery terms are indicative and any delays cannot give rise either to claims for damages, or to total annihilation, or part, of the supply.
All orders must be carried out via email and FAX.

Replacements may be ordered only by email or fax.
All Spare Part prices are fixed without any discount
In the case of telephone orders, please note that these will not be processed until there will not received written confirmation.
When ordering spare parts always state the number of parts, its name, the model and year of construction of the machine (both shown in the accompanying metal plate).
It is recalled that the warranty becomes void if not using genuine spare parts.


The GIAMPI SRL It will repair or replace free of machines or parts of them, which in its sole judgment resulted unsuitable.
The defect must be notified within 7 days of the discovery, by registered mail with return receipt, which must specify the defects claimed in details.
The machines or replaced or repaired parts will be delivered free seal, in exchange for defective ones that will have to be repaired or replaced.
Unless otherwise agreed, the costs and risks of transportation of defective parts or repaired and replaced are on charge of the customer.
It will be, however, excluded any compensation for damages.
The customer will lapse definitively the warranty if at the time the complaint would be in default.
Even when there is a dispute of goods, the purchaser shall not suspend its obligations.

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