Electric cleaner model MEGA 3 plus

The electric cleaner mod. MEGA 3 plus is a machine that cleans, i.e. separates the product (hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, walnuts, olives, macadamia, coffee and all kinds of nuts) from waste materials such as stones, leaves, wood, empty fruit and anything else. The machine is autonomous: it requires the presence of a single operator for driving. The product is loaded using a conveyor belt: firstly, the product enters through the sieve in which a first coarse selection is made by expelling soil and other large waste material. Secondly, the product is cleaned by means of a fan which separates it from lighter material (empty fruit, leaves and twigs). Finally, the finer waste, such as pebbles and similar, is eliminated. The cleaning capacity is approximately 40/50 q/h. The machine is powered at 380 V with an absorption of 7 kW /h. It is suitable for large companies.

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